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Paternity Law Attorneys in Fairfield, California

Solano, Napa County Child Support Lawyers

Paternity makes up some of the most contentious issues faced by family law attorneys. At The Law Offices of Susan E. Christiansen, our paternity lawyers have tremendous experience with tough legal battles. We can fight for people with issues anywhere in California's Solano and Napa Counties. Many of our clients live elsewhere in the country, from New York to Seattle.

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Our paternity lawyers can help either mothers or alleged fathers in paternity suits:

  • Mothers: Establishing paternity is necessary for collecting back child support or establishing a future child support arrangement. Our lawyers can arrange for paternity tests and make sure that they are legally binding.
  • Alleged fathers: Often, women will demand child support from men who are not the actual biological fathers. We can help men combat paternity fraud and stay away from unwarranted payments.

Of course, not all cases fit into the above categories. For example, some fathers may want to establish paternity so that their children can get all the legal rights afforded to biological children, such as inheritance.

With many years of experience in a wide range of family law matters, paternity lawyers Susan E. Christiansen and Cristin M. Lowe can handle any child support or custody issue, no matter how complex. They can even deal with paternity cases involving military family law.

More on California Paternity Laws

No matter which side of a paternity issue you are on, you should know the basics of California paternity laws. Alleged fathers have a limited amount of time in which to act. Once the child turns two years old, the person assumed to be the father can no longer challenge paternity.

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We are in confusing times which are made even worse if we are having family law legal problems. We can help relieve the stress by teaching you how to do your own family law court papers. We offer classes on how to prepare the papers necessary to obtain a divorce, child custody, and support.

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