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Legal Guardianship Lawyers in Fairfield, California

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Legal guardianship allows adults to make decisions on behalf of minor children or others who are not able to handle their affairs. To ensure a legal guardianship, a lawyer must make sure that all the proper documents are filed. If any problems arise, you want a guardianship attorney you can fight on your behalf.

The Law Offices of Susan E. Christiansen can help anyone with legal guardianship issues in Solano or Napa County, California. Our attorneys have many years of experience in all kinds of family law and divorce matters, including many complex disputes. Many clients are residents of Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo, Napa, and surrounding cities, and we also help people from around the United States who have legal issues in the Northern California Bay Area.

Types of Legal Guardianship

There are four main types of legal guardianship:

  • Full guardianships provide guardians with the authority and responsibility to make decisions about a wide range of a minor child's personal and financial affairs.
  • Limited guardianships give guardians decision-making power over only those matters that the individual needs. Limited guardianships typically do not apply to minor children, and are reserved for adults who are unable to handle some of their affairs, such as health care decisions.Temporary guardianships involve a court appointing a guardian for 90 days.
  • Joint guardianships appoint more than one person to serve as a guardian.

Disputes over guardianships are rare, but they can occur. For instance, you may wish to become a guardian to a minor child, only to have the child's biological parent refuse to give consent. Guardianship attorneys Susan E. Christiansen and Cristin M. Lowe know how to negotiate to resolve disputes, and if need be, can take a case to court.

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